Geraldine has been drawing since a very young age and has carried this passion through to her adult life where she has worked as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for 30 years.

She has often admired the beautiful 1930s Art Deco vintage travel posters and loves their depictions of a bygone era.

Geraldine captures the timeless beauty of the East Anglia's countryside and historic villages in a similar way and has created her own illustrations using this unique style.

Talking about how she works, Geraldine explains: "​I first take a number of photos of the scene, taking in the feel of the place. I then sketch out preliminary drawings and bring these into the computer to redraw again in Illustrator. 
The image is created by many layers of overlapping paths. Some of the drawings contain over 400 paths, which need careful colouring and blending, creating a vibrant and detailed result."