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Anthony Veale’s Junglerumba picture posters and greeting cards for children - along with illustrations commissioned for 2 picture story  books by Barbara Softly, published by Chatto, Boyd & Oliver and  Harvey Hudson, New York during the late sixties - began a career that encompasses cartooning, painting and sculpture in a variety of media. 

Anthony's first exhibition of wildlife painting at the Tryon Gallery, London  in 1979 was followed by one man shows at the 20th Century Gallery,  Fulham in 1992.Subsequent exhibitions of sculpture in bronze and Carrara marble were held at the Mall Galleries, London in 1985 and the Worthing Museum & Art Gallery in 2010.

Today, he continues to add new work to his collection. The antithesis to bling and objects of  desire, this rests in a terraced garden: analogous to experiences gathered in a lifetime of looking beyond the apparent.